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Bombolulu Workshops – Kenya
Located near Mombasa, Kenya's second largest city, Bombolulu Workshops provide employment, and numerous other benefits, including housing, medical aid and adult education for adults who are blind and physically disabled and who would otherwise have virtually no chance of securing employment in the mainstream labour market. 150 artisans in 4 sheltered workshops create African jewellery and other products for both local and export markets. Artisans at Bombolulu often earn twice the basic wage, which serves as a motivating tool for quality work. A project of the Association for the Physically Disabled in Kenya (APDK), Bombolulu has worked with artisans with physical disabilities since.

Workers and their families are provided with free housing at the centre. Profits from sales are reinvested to expand the centre and to provide additional housing facilities for the workers and their families. In addition Bombolulu covers costs of outpatient treatment, medicines and hospital charges for workers and their families. It also covers school fees for children, provides counseling and holds regular seminars on family planning, HIV/AIDS awareness and other topics of interest. The disabled employee usually becomes the main wage-earner in the family and is able to support his or her children through schooling.

Artisans make beautiful jewellery and ornaments from a number of recycled materials, including recycled brass, aluminium, recycled bottle caps and cans. The organization's mission is “To enable persons with physical disabilities to overcome their limitations by empowering them economically and socially so that they become fully integrated members of their communities.” The Bombolulu motto, “Disability is not Inability,” can be seen in the fabulous product range crafted by the artisans.


Bombolulu Workshops

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