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Canaan Fair Trade

Canaan Fair Trade empowers marginalised Palestinian producers to sustain their livelihood and their communities in the midst of a conflict zone. Canaan measures their success not only by profits but by the impact their business has on the producers they work with, and their impact on the environment they produce from.


Working with 50 village based cooperatives of famers and women across the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Canaan believes in Fair Trade as a means to connect people across the globe in the spirit of equity, trust and openness.


Mai Hamadneh from the village of A’sira Near Nablus is still using a donkey to help her work her land. According to Mai, ploughing the land using a donkey is ‘just a picnic’. Mai learned these traditional farming techniques from her grandparents and is very attached to them. Each time Mai ploughs her land she feels that the olive trees look at her and say thanks with a smile!

But using the donkey does not prevent Mai from developing her knowledge and experience in agriculture. She attends all Canaan workshops and training courses that develop innovation in traditional farming techniques.


Canaan Fair Trade

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