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Community Crafts Association of the Philippines (CCAP) is a non-profit fair trade NGO since 1995. The aim of the organization is to improve the social and economic situation of marginal craft producers in the Philippines by unifying profit a non-profit groups and organizations engaged in the craft industry into an effective and closely integrated association.

CCAP eliminates the many layers of middlemen in the marketing system by directly linking with the buyers and producers. With a development marketing strategy, CCAP advocates for fair trade and endeavors to pay the producers what is due to them, in a trading relationship built on partnership. CCAP has helped generated income and employment for more than 2,000 craft workers all over the Philippines.

CCAP assists in building small self-reliant community-based enterprises so that community members collectively can solve their problems, both social and economic. To date, CCAP has assisted craft producers in remote villages, ethnic communities, and slum communities of major urban centers such as Manila and Cebu.

From adolescence to age 43, Adela worked as a weeder. Everyday for 12 hours, from sunrise to sunset, she pulled and cut and hoed weeds out of stony, muddy leech- and ant-infested soil; paid just enough to buy rice that was stretched for two meals for her brood of five. Adela says, “I was a young wife and mother then, inured to hard labor and hunger; my family making do and existing on the barest essentials. I contemplated a featureless and colorless future for myself and my family.”

Her discovery of basket making drastically shifted her perception of her family’s prospects. Keen and eager for extra income, Adela devoted 16-hour days to making baskets. She started to earn a little extra income that enabled her to send her children to school. Today, all of Adela’s children, except the youngest who is still in high school, have finished their schooling and are gainfully employed, and Adela contemplates retirement from basket making.


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