Cedarwood Incense

Cedarwood Incense
Made with natural essential oils.

Handmade by Maroma

As a fair-trade business, Maroma gives back to its community through the respect that it shows towards its workers and the environment. 


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How your purchase is helping communities worldwide.

  • Supporting more than 130 partners in 35 countries
  • Delivering employment, income and social support to more than 50,000 people
  • Assisting recovery in Nepal, India and Vanuatu after earthquakes, floods and cyclones
  • Bringing $19.5 million worth of products to Australian shelves in the last five years
  • Supplying 22,532 kilograms of Fair Trade coffee to the Australian market in the last 12 months
Made with natural essential oils.

10 Cedarwood incense sticks.

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Cedarwood Incense



As a fair-trade business, Maroma gives back to its community through the respect that it shows towards its workers and the environment. Established by a French couple in the Auroville community of South India, Maroma crafts are known as Auroville’s largest employer, and provide work for men and women from local villages.

Created as a ‘universal town’, Auroville was established around 40 years ago as a place where men and women of over 45 nationalities were welcome to work and live. Now with over 80 settlements, Auroville is a township that promotes sustainable lifestyles and human unity, with a population of approximately 50,000 people. Most of these citizens work in the areas of organic farming, renewable energy, handicrafts and small eco-friendly industries.

As a business, Maroma is highly sensitive towards environmental issues. By constantly working towards reducing its own impact upon the land, Maroma always strive to use either recyclable or renewable raw materials. Essential oils remain the main source of fragrance for Maroma’s products; however any other fragrances used comply with the guidelines of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). The IFRA sets guidelines for safe usage of fragrant chemicals and essential oils in perfumes and skincare, and Maroma do not test their products on animals.

Returning approximately 40-45% of its profits back into the Auroville community, these funds are primarily used for education and health purposes. A small percentage also contributes towards scientific research and development, which is carried out within a newly established laboratory in Auroville. Maroma’s employee’s are supported with free loans, work insurance, and production bonuses, and are also assisted with health and education projects. Maroma believe in the importance of education and requires all future employees to have completed their tertiary equivalent studies. As a fair-trade business, the salaries of Maroma’s workers are higher than the local standard, and Maroma also offer their workers reasonable working hours, health care facilities, hygiene programs, savings plans, and a positive working atmosphere.

Website: http://www.maroma.com/


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