Cotswold Fudge Co

Deep in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, amidst dry stone walls and rolling fields, the ladies of Cotswold Fudge Co and Cotswold Tuck Box create melt in the mouth confectionery using old fashioned recipes, ‘the way your mother used to make it’.

Jen and Sarah started making fudge a few years ago, selling it at local fairs and into local farm shops, delicatessens and garden centres. Before long, fudge fever took hold and soon the fudge was being sold into a broad array of independent retailers and tourist venues across the Cotswolds. Not content to stop at fudge, they then started making other traditional confectionery and Cotswold Tuck Box was launched.

Traditional and handmade, the 100% scrumptious fudge and old fashioned confections are made entirely by hand; they do not use any additives or preservatives and source the freshest ingredients to create this crumbly style fudge.

To create the fudge the ingredients are boiled to shockingly high temperatures, stirring all the while, before pouring into large bowls to cool. Once the fudge has begun to crystallise, it is poured into trays, toppings and flavours are added, then cut it into cubes by hand. Of course, being totally hand-cut means no two pieces are identical, but this just proves that is it truly authentic and made with love!! The confectionery is suitable for vegetarians and is gluten free*

As the business has grown, Cotswold Fudge Co have stayed true to their values – everything the team produces is made with Fairtrade ingredients and carries the Fairtrade Mark. That way you can be sure the small scale farmers who produce the sugar, and other vital ingredients in the sweets, are able to build a sustainable business. Sugar and syrup are procured from Tate and Lyle who source sugar from over 20,000 small scale farmers in 14 different groups in 4 countries; so by purchasing from Cotswold Fudge Co you are making a positive contribution to communities in developing countries.

Cotswold Fudge Co.

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