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Coupon Codes

We use 'coupon codes' as part of promotions from time to time. They look something like this: 83WPKY and give a discount, free gift, $off, or free delivery when used on our website. Coupon codes can be applied on the cart page or the 'one-page' checkout page.

*Please note if you've selected a free delivery coupon this will not be applied if you choose Express Post as a shipping method.

Coupon Checkout Page
coupon code

If you're given a coupon code for 'Free Delivery', you'll need to spend enough to qualify for that particular offer. Our offers are usually for Standard Australian delivery only therefore don't include Express Shipping.

How can I redeem my coupon?
If you have a free delivery coupon you need to follow the following steps to redeem your coupon.

1st Step

Enter your preferred delivery Post Code and click Estimate

2nd Step

Select your preferred shipping method, either Standard or Express Post and Click UPDATE TOTAL.  This is esential if you don't click UPDATE TOTAL you will not be able to redeem your free delivery coupon.

3rd Step

Enter your coupon code in the 'Discount Code' field.  if you've met the coupon's criteria when you click apply you delivery will be discounted.

Look out for Coupon Codes in the Oxfam Shop email newsletter. If you don't already receive this, sign up for Drumbeat now!

Only one coupon code may be used per order.  Coupon codes are different to Gift Vouchers, which we sell online for use in our shops. As with all Oxfam Shop promotions, our artisans and farmers are always paid in full for their work.