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Fair Trade Lebanon

Lebanon has a population of 4 million people, as well as 2 million refugees (mostly from Syria and the Palestine Occupied Territories). Fair Trade Lebanon was founded in 2006 as a non-government organisation with the aim to change the lives of the most disadvantaged people living in rural Lebanon. FTL chooses Fair Trade as a means of building export opportunities for small producers and food-processing cooperatives while helping them to develop and strengthen their own businesses. FTL also provides technical training, helps groups form cooperatives, product development, as well as teaching the values of fair trade.

Fair Trade Lebanon have been members of the WFTO since September 2010. They range 52 products, marketed under the brand ‘Terroirs du Liban’, produced by a network of 17 food processing cooperatives made up of 850 individuals (52% of whom are women) located across Lebanon.

The hummus and baba ghanouj are produced by the Rural Women of Fourzol Cooperative, made up of 15 women.  The jams and syrups are produced in Rachaya (West Bekaa) by Mhaidthe, a cooperative made up of 22 women. The coop was founded in 1997 to fight against the rural exodus.

Fair Trade Lebanon

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