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Handbags & Shoulder Bags

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  1. Fringe Patch Bag

    Fair trade and fun, this bag is another wonderful example of the tradtional craft and contempoary design used at Womens Skill Development. This one is a real summer must have. Learn More
  2. Rectangular Toiletry Bag

    This toiletry bag has been made by Womens Skill Development in Nepal. Bright durable cotton has been lined with a water proof inner making this toiletry bag fun and functional! Learn More
  3. Suede Leather Bag

    Cinch it at the top and away you go! This suede bag is perfect for storing your small essentials at your next outdoor music fest. Learn More
  4. Leather Bag with Tropical Pattern

    Regular Price: $99.95

    Special Price $60.00

    There's nothing better than a bright and punchy pattern on a good-quality leather bag - this is the sort of accessory that never goes out of style. Learn More
  5. Weave Leather Bag

    This beautifully constructed woven leather bag has been made using wastage leather, offcuts from the production of a variety of items from the fashion industry. And now, transformed, you can make it your own. Learn More
  6. Blue Tie Dye Shopping Bag

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price $5.00

    The artisans at Y Development have made every one of these bags by hand, meaning that we now have a beautiful assortment of tie die bags for you to choose from. Learn More
  7. Jute Shopping Bag

    We love this big bag, perfect for groceries, market shopping, a picnic or the beach. The leather handles add to the comfort and durability. Learn More
  8. Stripe Cotton Shoulder Bag

    The amazing women at Women's Skill Development have done it again with this wide strap shoulder bag. The thoughtful design of this bag means that there is no chance of the straps digging into your shoulders. Carrying this bag will be a stylish pleasure. Learn More
  9. Sky Blue Striped Backpack

    The amazing women at Women's Skill Development have done it again with this wonderful backpack. The cotton used in the making of these is sturdy, durable and will be comfortable to wear. Learn More

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