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Oxfam fair Range

The Oxfam fair brand was launched in 2010 to bring Oxfam's Fairtrade, ethical and life-changing products to more Australians through supermarkets, Oxfam Shops and Oxfam online store for enjoyment in the workplace and at home. 

Purchasing Oxfam fair is one of the easiest ways to help tackle poverty.

The Oxfam fair range includes premium Fairtrade and organic coffee, tea, block chocolate and drinking chocolate.


  • Selected range available in Coles, Woolworths and Independent Supermarkets.
  • Full range available online and in Oxfam Shops around the country.

Oxfam fair is one of the most unique food brands in the market:

  • Our tea, coffee and chocolate products provide great value and taste to Australian consumers- we use premium Fairtrade raw materials to develop high-quality products that are easily accessible to the Australian market. 
  • At the same time our products also help to tackle poverty by ensuring that our farmers are paid a fair and stable price and by paying an additional community premium we help to empower communities to build better lives for themselves. 
  • Finally by supporting Oxfam fair you are part of a global community committed to working together to tackle poverty.

For wholesale enquiries please email for further account information and wholesale prices.

Please see the full range of products below.

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