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  1. Black & White Shaft Weave Throw

    Regular Price: $119.00

    Special Price $75.00

    Hand-loomed cotton textiles pair soft linen texture with a clean, classic aesthetic for this beautiful throw. Handmade with extraordinary craftsmanship by skilled weavers in West Bengal for Sasha Exports, which celebrates a long tradition of fine weaving. Learn More
  2. Peruvian Alpaca Throw, Natural and Blue Tones

    Ninety percent of the poorest indigenous people of Peru - more than 200000 families (1 million people) - are associated with alpacas and their products, 54 percent survive in the Andean Altiplano in extreme poverty. The lpaqueros are experts in animals husbandry, skilled spinners, weavers and knitters but are systematically unemployed or survive by being exposed to irregular, unfair, informal and underpaid activities. However, purchasing fair trade alpaca products helps organisations such as Allpa to improve the living standards of these marginalised producers.

    allpa crafters : Paucara Textiles from allpaperu on Vimeo.

    Learn More

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