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  1. '2CV Acadiane' recycled car

    Hand painted recycled car. Learn More
  2. 'Vespa' recycled bike
  3. Big Nose and Lips Spectacle Stand

    Azeem's story is the perfect example of some of the work that Asha does to help it's artisan groups. Asha provided a business counselor to Azeem to help him in day to day operations as he took over his uncle's business to keep it going after his sudden death. Azeem was counseled the process of production, handling cash flow, and designing new products. He was advised on how to manage orders, timely delivery, managing artisans, as well as his responsibility to the family of the late Mr. Rafique and the expectations of buyers in the international market. Learn More
  4. Big Nose Spectacle Stand, Aluminium
  5. Big Nose Spectacle Stand, Sheesham Wood

    Big Nose spectacle stand. Handcarved sheesham wood from India. Have you ever been looking for your spectacles only to be reminded that they are on your nose? Well here is a sheesham wood spectacle stand in the shape of a big nose where you can put your glasses when you are not wearing them. Whether you are wearing them or not, the nose is the place for your spectacles. Learn More
  6. Cheeky Cat Measuring Tape
  7. Chrome plated brass compass

    Includes soft black pouch. Learn More
  8. Coloured Pencils Pen Holder
  9. Conserve pencil case reclaimed tyre tube with blue
  10. Crochet Tape Measure, Little Fishy
  11. Decorative White Brass Magnifying Glass
  12. Desktop Perpetual Calendar with Elephant Motif

    This fun, innovative desk calendar features an elephant print on mango wood. Hand carved from mango wood, a strong dense and distinctively coloured wood abundant in India. Learn More
  13. Forty Year Calendar Box
  14. Hand carved Money Bank with Secret Lock
  15. Heart Shaped Kisii Stone Dish, Red

    Bosinange deals with a variety of high quality soapstone carving products. It promotes fair-trade and social justice through increasing market opportunities, promoting equal working opportunities among men & women, discouraging child labour, increasing employment opportunities, and ensuring workers get a fair price. The group offers training opportunities, free tools and raw materials, and also provides its workers with free medical care. Learn More
  16. Kangaroo Money Box
  17. Lady Bird Pencil Sharpener

    Cute ladybird pencil sharpener made from alistoniya wood and hand painted. Learn More
  18. Large 100 Year Brass Calendar
  19. Lucky Elephant Paper Clip
  20. Magnifying Glass Turtle

    This functional little magnifying glass is set in a solid cast metal turtle shape holder. A perfect gift idea for the studious. Learn More
  21. Mango Wood Pen Holder with Hand Carved Moustache

    This fun and quirky moustache topped pen/pencil holder will bring a smile to anyone's face. Made by ASHA in India Learn More
  22. Mango Wood World Timer
  23. Money Box Cat
  24. Money Box Hippo
  25. Nautical Set in Brass and Wood Case
  26. Owl measuring tape

    Measures 150cm in tape length Learn More
  27. Paper Clip - Treble Clef
  28. Pensive Cat Paper Clip
  29. Piggy Shape Wrist Rest
  30. Re-cycled Paper Pencil Holder
  31. Recycled Can Model Vintage Bike

    Bezalila has 18 workshops, providing Fair Trade employment to formerly impoverished artisans in crafts such as weaving, woodwork, bone carving, and modelling recycled tin cans, called Kapoaka in Madagascar. With the profits generated by the workshop, they have bought rice fields, and have established a pig-breeding farm. Learn More
  32. Recycled Car Tyre Mouse Pad
  33. Recycled Motherboard Pen Holder

    Upcycling takes the concept of recycling one step further. Not only does upcycling convert waste materials into a new form, it aims to produce new products from the waste materials that are of better use or quality than the original product. Recycled computer waste forms the interesting finish on this photo frame. Learn More
  34. Recycled Tin Can Acoustic Guitar
  35. Recycled Tin Can VW Campervan

    A handmade VW campervan made from recycled tin cans. Learn More
  36. Recycled Tyre Pen Holder
  37. Set of 10 lead pencils made from recycled news
  38. Set of 10 Twig Pencils
  39. Set of 4 Paisley Design Printing Blocks
  40. Sheesham wood Magnifying Glass

Grid List

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