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  1. Elephant Glasses Stand

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price $19.95

    This beautifully crafted elephant spectacle stand is a unique gift idea from India, hand carved from sheesham wood. You'll always have a handy spot for your spectacles with this thoughtfully designed piece that is both playful and understated. Perfect to keep on your desk or bedside table.

    Sheesham is a strong and beautifully toned wood abundant in India. It is part of the rosewood family, and is known by many names. Across India, you might hear it called shishan, sissoo or sisu. The Dalbergia Sissoo tree grows throughout the sub-Himalayan region, from the Indus to Assam.

    Learn More
  2. Owl Glasses Stand

    This owl spectacle stand is a unique gift idea from India. Handcarved from palewa stone, you'll always have a handy spot for your spectacles when you are not wearing them. Learn More
  3. Blue Singing Bowl

    The sides and rim of singing bowls vibrate to produce harmonic sounds. The tradition of making sound with metal bowls for meditation goes back 3,000 or more years to the Bronze Age in Asia, and is now used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being. Carefully hand crafted and etched by the artisans of Manushi. To make the bowl sing, first tap it. Firmly hold the smooth part of the stick upright against the bowl and move it slowly around the outside of the bowl in a circular motion keeping firm contact with the bowl's surface. The bowl will start to resonate. Learn More
  4. Big Nose and Lips Spectacle Stand

    Azeem's story is the perfect example of some of the work that Asha does to help it's artisan groups. Asha provided a business counselor to Azeem to help him in day to day operations as he took over his uncle's business to keep it going after his sudden death. Azeem was counseled the process of production, handling cash flow, and designing new products. He was advised on how to manage orders, timely delivery, managing artisans, as well as his responsibility to the family of the late Mr. Rafique and the expectations of buyers in the international market. Learn More
  5. Big Nose Spectacle Stand, Sheesham Wood

    Big Nose spectacle stand. Hand carved sheesham wood from India. Have you ever been looking for your spectacles only to be reminded that they are on your nose? Well here is a sheesham wood spectacle stand in the shape of a big nose where you can put your glasses when you are not wearing them. Whether you are wearing them or not, the nose is the place for your spectacles. Learn More
  6. Coloured Pencils Pen Holder

    Did you know a typical pencil can write up to 45,000 words? These pencils didn't quite get that far but instead of ending up in land fill they've have been made into these fun pen holders. Learn More
  7. Sea Animal Printing Blocks

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price $15.00

    Out of stock

    Bring out the artist in you with these fun printing blocks in the shapes of sea animals. Learn More
  8. Desktop Perpetual Calendar with Elephant Motif

    Regular Price: $16.95

    Special Price $8.00

    This fun, innovative desk calendar features an elephant print on mango wood. Hand carved from mango wood, a strong dense and distinctively coloured wood abundant in India Learn More
  9. Tortoise Magnifying Glass

    This functional little magnifying glass is set in a solid cast metal turtle shape holder. A perfect gift idea for the studious. From the artisans of Aspiration International in India. Learn More
  10. Paper Clip - Treble Clef

    Regular Price: $16.95

    Special Price $10.00

    This long time favourite clip makes a wonderful gift for any musician or lover of music. Brass inlaid sheesham wood with strong spring. Learn More
  11. Brass Decorative Globe

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Special Price $19.95

    A worldly addition to your office desk, this mini engraved brass globe is perched on a wooden base. From Noah's Ark International Exports, India. Learn More

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