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Indigiearth is an award winning 100% Aboriginal owned and operated business, well established in Mudgee, in the great wine country of Central West NSW. Indigiearth was founded by Sharon Winsor, a Ngemba Weilwan woman of Western NSW. Born to an Aboriginal mother, descending from Gulargambone and a white Australian father from Coonabarabran, eating bush foods in the wild was a necessity during her childhood. This experience forged her inherent pride and passion in bringing to everyone’s tables what Mother Earth is providing in many different ways and in its purest form.
Sharon started her first business venture of bush tucker catering in 1996, out of which evolved Indigiearth. Continual learning lead to growth in business, success and confidence, making Indigiearth a showcase of Australian native food products. Defying all trends this small, determined Aboriginal business demonstrated longevity, diversity, survival and success.

Sharon has received numerous awards, including the NSW Business Leader of the Year 2013 Award, winner of NSW Central West Business Leader Awards in 2013, the Macquarie University’s Indigenous Centre Academic of the Year Award and was a nominee in the Telstra Women in Business Award 2013. Indigiearth has touched the lives of many, through employment, educating the wider community about Indigenous Australia and Culture.

At the heart of the business is Wild Harvesting - where possible, raw native fruits, produce and materials are purchased from Aboriginal communities across the country ensuring that employment, income and education stay within the community. Sharon has also been active in assisting Aboriginal communities to set up wild harvesting initiatives and business enterprises, purchasing produce back from those communities. All products are made in Australia using ingredients grown in Australia.

Indigiearth is committing 25c of every dollar spent on the purchase of any product to the Ngukirri Foundation, which allows for purchasing much needed equipment and services to Aboriginal children with heart disease.

Indigiearth products are Supply Nation certified. The purpose of the certification is to assure Supply Nation Members and Suppliers that the Indigenous suppliers with whom they seek to contract are Indigenous Australian majority-owned, managed and controlled.







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