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  1. Happy Glass with Clear Text, Assorted

    These glasses were designed with celebration in mind. Smile, Love, Enjoy and Play are the calls to action, and appear on each glass in more than 24 languages. Cheers! What used to be discarded glass bottles have been recovered from the streets by grassroots recyclers and transformed with passion and purpose by Green Glass. Packaging and glass is 100% recycled and recyclable. Learn More
  2. Chai Wali

    Join the new tea brewing movement of chai - an aromatic spiced tea from India typically served from small carriers baskets like these. The carrier comes with eight tempered glass vessels perfect for hot and cold drinks. Designed for Indian chai, a round of Italian macchiato is equally acceptable. Glasses hold 150ml. Learn More
  3. All-Rounder Glasses, Set of 4

    Practical, versatile and great to drink from! This all-rounder drinking glass is made from quality recycled glass and suitable for many beverages. Learn More
  4. Claret Glass Set of 4

    This lovely claret or red wine glasses will complement any formal or informal dining table. Tall and elegant. Learn More
  5. Copper Mule Mug

    Fabulous 100% food grade copper Mule mug is perfect for beer, cold water or any chilled teas. Learn More
  6. Copper Tumbler Pyala

    This hammered copper Pyala (tumbler) is the perfect hot weather drinking vessel. Keep it in the fridge or esky for pre chilling. Copper has always been valued for its Ayurvedic properties of purification and keeping liquids cool. Heavy gauge, pure copper with a brass handle. Learn More

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