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  1. Turkish Coffee Pot

    A traditional style Turkish coffee pot, made in glowing carved brass. Ideal for Turkish coffee, but also suitable for traditional chai tea. Learn More
  2. Brass Kettle

    Regular Price: $89.95

    Special Price $50.00

    Bright, shiny, and functional, this kettle is the start to a great cuppa. A sophisticated look for any kitchen. Learn More
  3. Peony Bloom Teapot

    Generous sized teapot featuring the all time favourite bold peony bloom amongst leaves and buds. Handmade in Vietnam, using non toxic paints and glazes. Hold 500ml Learn More
  4. Peace Perfect Earthenware Teapot

    The soft white and green glaze of this lovely Nepalese earthenware range is inspiring calm and peace. This beautiful tactile teapot is perfect for any tea connoisseur. Learn More

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