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Madécasse (pronounced mah-DAY-cas) was started by two American peace corps workers who had volunteered in Madagascar. The vision was to produce chocolate from the bean locally in Madagascar.

Although the majority of the world’s cocoa crop is produced in Africa, only a small percentage of chocolate is actually made there. The two men wanted to change that and invest more of the money from chocolate making back into the local economy. Madécasse works directly with cocoa farmers to help them access the training and equipment they need to get more value for their crops.

The chocolate is made in the Madagascan capital Antananarivo and uses many local ingredients including vanilla, coconut and chilli peppers. Making chocolate at the source keeps ingredients fresh and generates income for many more locals than just on-selling cocoa to chocolate makers in other countries.

The chocolate is made from the top 1% of the world’s cocoa. Madagascar cocoa is noted for its smoothness and red fruit flavours of cherry, raspberry and cranberry. These flavours come alive in Madécasse chocolate.


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