Manos Amigas

Manos Amigas is a Fair Trade organisation dedicated to the exportation of handicrafts and alternative tourism, and was founded in 1991. Their name means 'Hands Joined In Friendship’

Their partnerships with talented artisans across Peru enable these small scale producers to reach wider markets for their products.

Manos Amigas provide basic, intermediate and advanced training in costs, administration, accounting, production, market, packing, market trends, technical courses and advice. These capacity building courses held every 2 years in Lima or in regional centres are key events for the artisans with a sole focus on their development needs.

20% of Manos Amigas’ profits are directed to social work efforts such as helping a feeding program for poor children by providing warm meals, school uniforms and school supplies to them.Through the creation of the Manos Amigas Civil Association the organisation can provide educational fees, such as funding for artisan’s children to attend university. Without this backing the artisans would not be able to afford this higher education, which gives a brighter future for these young men and women. Currently three children of artisans, from Lurin, Huancayo and Cuzco receive assistance studying administration so they will be able to help their families in making their family business more effective. Manos Amigas also provided support for special, emergency situations: 165 families affected by the devastating earthquake in Pisco, Peru, in August 2007, received financial support to help replace the items lost in the quake.

Manos Amigas

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