Natural and bown tones tribal design jute rug

Natural and bown tones tribal design jute rug
Natural jute rug from Bangladesh.

Dimensions: 66x94cm
Made from: Jute

Handmade by CORR The Jute Works

CORR The Jute Works is a women’s non-profit handicraft marketing and exporting trust based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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How your purchase is helping communities worldwide.

  • Supporting more than 130 partners in 35 countries
  • Delivering employment, income and social support to more than 50,000 people
  • Assisting recovery in Nepal, India and Vanuatu after earthquakes, floods and cyclones
  • Bringing $19.5 million worth of products to Australian shelves in the last five years
  • Supplying 22,532 kilograms of Fair Trade coffee to the Australian market in the last 12 months
Natural jute rug from Bangladesh.

This beautiful stylish natural tones and natural material rug will be a welcome addition to any rooms' decor.

Dimensions: 66x94cm
Made from: Jute

Availability: In stock

Natural and bown tones tribal design jute rug


CORR The Jute Works

Vision Statement: To establish the socio-economic dignity of the disadvantaged and neglected people of the society, especially women, in Bangladesh.

CORR The Jute Works is a women’s non-profit handicraft marketing and exporting trust based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. CORR stands for Christian Organization for Relief and Rehabilitation and was created by CARITAS–Bangladesh in 1973 to provide women with opportunities for economic independence and to market handmade items made by women left destitute after the struggle for independence from Pakistan.


Today, The Jute Works is one of Bangladesh’s largest exporters of handicrafts, representing more than 7,000 rural women artisans who are members of over 200 cooperatives. The organisation strives to liberate and empower rural women through handicraft production, animal husbandry and small job creation projects. The group works with socially disadvantaged women regardless of caste, creed and race, providing job training, leadership and management skills development, and helps generate broader awareness of the women’s situation. Members share ownership, participating in decision-making and receiving the benefits of surplus production.


Most women produce handicrafts at home, fitting the work in between household chores and care for their children. Handcrafts items are made out of locally available raw materials, including jute, clay/terracotta, bamboo, coconut and banana leaves, and sea grass. The jute products are made to traditional Bangladeshi designs, and include carry bags and hammocks. Jute is a strong natural fibre that is grown in abundance in Bangladesh, supporting millions of marginal farmers and providing employment for hundreds of thousands of people. It is the second most important natural fibre in the world, after cotton, with plants usually sown in summer (March-May) and taking 4-6 months to mature. Because it is an annual crop, there is no permanent deforestation as a result of its harvesting.

Jute is a favourite for the producers, being a strong natural fibre grown in abundance in Bangladesh. It is 100% biodegradable and grows without need for chemical fertilisers or pesticides. The fibre, reminiscent of horse hair, is deftly woven into string bags and textiles which offer a durable, sustainable and attractive alternative to plastic shopping bags. Through their work, the women not only earn money, but also increased status and self-confidence. Many use CORR’s saving schemes to set up other small businesses, buying livestock or taxis. CORR also run workshops to help raise awareness among members of local environmental issues, particularly environmental pollution and sustainable development, promoting individual and shared responsibility in helping preserve a healthy environment.

Oxfam was one of The Jute Works’ first buyers and provides additional support by advising on design, colours and styles to ensure the products will be competitive in the Australian market.


CORR – The Jute Works is a World Fair Trade Organization Guarantee member (WFTO).


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