The Outback Pride Project is promoting the Australian native food industry by developing a network of production sites within traditional Aboriginal communities. The Outback Pride Project was created by Mike and Gayle Quarmby of Reedy Creek, South Australia. It was born from a need to take a positive journey following the tragic loss of a 20 year old son. They wanted to make a difference in the lives of other young people, and felt that the most at need were the indigenous youth on remote communities. Gayle grew up with the Eastern Arrente people of the Hermannsburg and Alice Springs area, and fondly remembers gathering bush food with the women and children. This cultural connection has been a vital link in the Outback Pride project development.


The cultivation of Australian native food provides indigenous Australians with jobs and training in horticulture and the food industry. The project also acknowledges the intellectual property of the traditional uses of bushfoods. In order to guarantee an outcome for the participating indigenous communities, a co-op like value adding arm was developed. Combining the knowledge of traditional uses of the bushfoods with western food practices, the end use products are available under the brand name "Outback Pride".


The group of aboriginal communities that form the Outback Pride network represent the largest bushfood growing organisation in Australia. Gardens of native food plants are located on community lands, tended and hand-harvested by community members - some of whom are also completing horticultural and natural resource studies through TAFE courses. People enjoy the ready access to traditional foods, with children and Elders in particular benefiting from the proximity of healthy snack foods.

Outback Pride

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