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Outback Spirit

Outback Spirit is the flagship brand of Robins Foods and Indigenous Australian Foods (IAF) Ltd. IAF is a not for profit company with 20 memberships - 19 of which are exclusively for Indigenous owned and controlled entities.

As part of Outback Spirit's aim to help break the ongoing cycle of poor education, poor health, high unemployment, passive welfare dependence and poverty that typifies the majority of Indigenous Australians, the Outback Spirit Foundation was developed.

The Foundation’s strategy is to give Indigenous Australians the opportunity to help themselves to achieve a higher level of economic independence by:

• Establishing sustainable agricultural programs for remote communities that encompass the Indigenous culture and sense of country 

• Providing Indigenous youth opportunities to pro-actively contribute to their own future in order to help them avoid the welfare dependence cycle


One of the projects that the Outback Spirit Foundation established is a Bush Tomato Plantation in the Laramba Community - 220km North–West of Alice Springs. The plantation provides ongoing part-time jobs for members of the community and works to combat the communities’ high levels of unemployment and high levels of welfare dependence.

Outback Spirit

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