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Check out Oxfam Australia Trading's Annual Reports, Policies and relevant standards here:


Oxfam Australia Trading's Strategic Plan

To view the Oxfam Australia Annual Reports click here.

Policies and Standards:

Fair Trade Code of Practice:

Oxfam Australia Trading (OAT) assesses producer partners (artisans and farmers) against Fair and Ethical Trade Standards, monitored and evaluated through an initial assessment, the Artisan Evaluation Committee, biennial reviews, as well as our own auditing by the World Fair Trade Organisation, which consists of Self Assessment Reports, peer reviews and independent, third party audits of both OAT and our artisans and farmers. All partners and suppliers sign our Fair Trade Code of Practice, based on the WFTO’s Code of Practice, since we are a WFTO Guarantee System-certified trader. 

Child Protection and Child Labour:

This Child Protection Policy Code of Conduct and Child Labour Guidelines applies to all Oxfam Australia Trading and suppliers’ activities. 

We are committed to the safety and protection of children in the communities where we work. Our Child Protection Policy and Child Labour Guidelines protect children from all forms of exploitation and abuse, and is aligned with the Fair Trade principle of no forced, bonded or child labour. Our Child Protection Code of Conduct ensures that all representatives of Oxfam Australia are given clear guidance about the standards of behaviour and practice required of them at all times when they are in contact with children. Child protection awareness sessions are mandatory for all staff and all suppliers are assessed against their adherence to the Fair Trade principles, including compliance around child, forced or bonded labour.

Fair Trade is also committed to fighting the root causes of child labour and proactively preventing abuse and exploitation of children, for instance by working with the communities of artisans and farmers to establish a child inclusive community based monitoring and remediation system in partnership with child rights NGOs so that boys and girls in these communities can enjoy increased wellbeing, attend school, and aren’t exploited. You can find further information here.

Fair Trade Accountability Watch:

Do you have knowledge on compliance issues of our artisans and farmers, or have a complaint about Oxfam Australia Trading (Oxfam Shop)?

Please see here for our complaints handling policy and our complaints handling procedure.

Fair Payment and Living Wages:

The fourth principle of Fair Trade is Fair Payment, which includes a Living Wage. Click here for more information, including Oxfam Shop (Oxfam Australia Trading)’s commitment to Living Wages and roadmap towards Living Wages. 

Suppliers and Standards: 

Oxfam Australia Trading's Partner Registration Form
Oxfam Australia Trading's Terms Of Supply
Oxfam Australia Trading's Shipping Instructions
Oxfam Australia Trading's Packaging and Labelling Instructions
Oxfam Australia Trading's Producer and Supplier Welcome and Induction Pack