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Quazi Design

Quazi design is a cutting edge craft company that transforms waste magazines into original accessories and interiors with a vision to be a leader in sustainable and fair trade design; whereQuazi Design ethical and social standards balance with cutting edge handmade design. Based in Swaziland, Quazi are a founding member of SWIFT Swaziland Fair Trade Network. Promoting social responsibility and environmental awareness in design and everything they do, Quazi create a new perspective on fair trade. The business was co-founded by Doron a designer from the UK and Flotsam the local magazine distributors. Doron became the driving force behind the enterprise and since 2009 has worked in Swaziland creating a sustainable business model that wholesales worldwide.All of our products utilise 100% waste magazines, applying innovative techniques and we are continuously striving to create original designs and develop our product range.

 "Quazi Design All of the products are hand made by local women, empowering them through skill sharing and earning a sustainable permanent income. Most of the artisans were previously unemployed, and on average each has 5 dependents to take care of and to pay school fees for."

 How women make their way up through handicraft video

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Quazi Design

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