Red Hoop Earrings

Red Hoop Earrings
Simple hoop earrings in a muted red tone.

Dimensions: Dia 6.5cm
Made from: Iron

Handmade by Asha Handicrafts

Asha means hope for hundreds of artisans who are given work through a nationwide network of producers all over India.


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How your purchase is helping communities worldwide.

  • Supporting more than 130 partners in 35 countries
  • Delivering employment, income and social support to more than 50,000 people
  • Assisting recovery in Nepal, India and Vanuatu after earthquakes, floods and cyclones
  • Bringing $19.5 million worth of products to Australian shelves in the last five years
  • Supplying 22,532 kilograms of Fair Trade coffee to the Australian market in the last 12 months
Simple hoop earrings in a muted red tone.

Dimensions: Dia 6.5cm
Made from: Iron

Availability: In stock

Red Hoop Earrings


Asha Handicrafts

Asha Handicrafts Association is a World Fair Trade Organisation established in 1975 to promote the social and economic welfare of its artisans and producer groups in India, by providing marketing facilities for their handicrafts through fair trade practices. In 2014 Asha became one of the first organisations to be awarded the WFTO Guarantee. Asha is actively engaged in promoting Fair Trade in India through participating in exhibitions, organising seminars and workshops and participating in the Mumbai Marathon and in Fair Trade Fortnight. Their motto is Trade, Train and Transform.



Asha means hope for hundreds of artisans who are given work through a nationwide network of producers all over India. Presently Asha works with more than 56 producer groups and 1200 artisans, benefitting approx. 4000 people.


Profits generated from the sale of the artisans' products are invested back into welfare & development initiatives for the artisans, their families and the communities. This approach provides both sustainable livelihoods and social development with minimal amount of dependence on charity. Asha helps eliminate producer debt through direct purchases and advance payments. Producer benefits include educational assistance for children, medical check-ups and treatment, a health centre at Saharanpur benefitting 750 people a year, as well as regional medical centres, savings programs for artisans and spouses, informal education projects and relief–related social projects.


Asha Handicrafts believes that holistic development is an integral part of sustainable fair trade.


Through a resource center, Asha Handicrafts works within the community implementing and creating real change in the lives of Artisans and their families. Asha’s welfare workers are based in the communities where the artisans live and work.


Focus areas of Asha’s work are:



Asha Handicrafts provides regular work to marginalised artisans in India. Asha works with NGO’s for the welfare of women and indigenous people groups, creating employment opportunities for them by providing them with business counseling, product development and market access by promoting their products.



Asha Handicrafts, through its resource center, regularly monitors wages paid to the artisans. Apart from ensuring that the artisans are paid fair wages, we also ensure that women are paid same wages as men for identical work done by them.



Asha Handicrafts shares information about producers to clients and arranges their visits to producer’s units for verifying the details. Asha Handicrafts publishes annual report and fair trade report which is distributed to its stakeholders.



Through its Resource Centre, Asha Handicrafts provides business counseling to producers in order for them to improve their systems. Regular workshop for producers are held on topics such as quality standards, product development principles, marketing strategies, and Fair Trade values and expectations.



Asha’s “Women Empowerment” initiative in Jaipur focuses on fostering collective thinking and action by organising women into self-help groups. This provides them with a platform where they co exercise control over their family expenses and experience decision making at a group level. Asha also empowers the women to take action on issues they face at an individual and family level, such as education, health, and social customs. Presently, the project is benefiting 110 women who have come together to contribute to 6 self-help groups.


Asha Handicrafts recognises the important role played by the woman in the family and runs programs to help women. Programs such as adult literacy classes, awareness, family counseling, and training on Leadership etc.


Oxfam has worked with Asha Handicrafts since 1993.


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