Wakami is a brand developed by Kiej de los Bosques, a social enterprise that markets products from rural communities in Guatemala. Kiej is a company that aims to create ‘inclusive businesses’- i.e. ones that help recover ecosystems, value ancestral cultures and incorporate new people into supply chains. A rural business incubator, Kiej has worked with 50 rural groups in Guatemala, (1300 people, mostly women), where most have become part of a new supply chain or market, at both national and international levels.

Wakami in Guatemala - Video

Wakami is a Mayan word which means “it already is”. Wakami incorporates the idea that this world is already ideal, we just have to find a way to connect to make it come to life. One of the aims of the Wakami artisans is to connect the world with the Guatemala experience - linking people through products that enrich the lives of those who buy them while improving the lives of those who produce them.

The products are made by rural Guatemalan women who all share a common dream: to have sources of income to improve the livelihoods of their families and communities.

To find out more about Wakami visit their website.

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