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You and Oxfam, tackling poverty together.


MKS Artisans with Sara Pelvin Oxfam

This is how it works:

1. Oxfam sources products from a global community of ethical artisans and farmers.
2. You buy beautiful, unique, handmade pieces from around the globe.
3. Together, we empower communities to earn a living and lift themselves out of poverty.

Shop with Oxfam at one of our store locations around Australia, shop on this website or purchase Oxfam fair tea, coffee and chocolate products from a supermarket near you.

We are proud of our 50-year history as one of Australia’s most ethical retailers and one of the first social enterprises in Australia to operate for community, rather than profit.

We will continue to empower people in poor communities to improve their lives, while bringing their beautiful products to life here in Australia.