What Your Purchase Means

The importance that each dollar spent has on the lives of those who work to create, make and grow our products is huge. You’re powerful as a consumer – what you choose to buy shapes the world we live in and can literally change someone’s life for the better.

While there can be a common perception that fair and ethically traded products are more expensive, our prices are set as a reflection of the exceptional quality and hand crafted nature of the products which demonstrate enormous skill and helps to keep traditional techniques alive. The price that an Australian consumer pays for a fair or ethical product from an Oxfam Shop makes a real difference to the lives of the farmers and artisans who make the product. As consumers you have the power to use your dollar to change the business and market systems for the better and to make sure people get a fair share of benefit for the work they do.

Purchases from Oxfam mean that not only are you getting a uniquely beautiful and handmade product, you are also joining Oxfam’s global movement dedicated to fighting poverty and injustice around the world as any profit made through the Trading arm of our organisation is invested straight back into the wider work of Oxfam.

To use your dollar to shape the world we live in visit your closest Oxfam Shop, click around our online shop or pop into your local Coles, Woolworths or IGA to pick up a delicious product from our Oxfam fair Fairtrade certified range of coffee, tea and chocolate.